In the security realm, top performers don’t rise alone. Whether they’re industry leaders or elite operatives, having a dedicated coach by their side has proven invaluable. Just as elite athletes and CEOs have their trusted mentors, security professionals thrive with tailored guidance. Don’t just take my word for it. Dive into the testimonials below and discover the transformative impact my coaching has had on the pillars of the security industry.

I have a genuine appreciation for the invaluable guidance Shaun has provided me throughout my journey of business growth.

His support and insights have been truly invaluable to me.


Tactical Systems Academy

David Harper

Security Professional

Thanks to Shaun’s exceptional guidance and expertise, I found clarity and direction where I was heading with my career and managed to secure a successful position. His coaching was invaluable, and I’m incredibly grateful for his support throughout my journey.

When I came to Shaun, I was at a point in my life where I had achieved a lot of my professional and personal goals. But I was still struggling with certain limiting beliefs that held me back from reaching my full potential. Deep down, I knew I could earn more, do more, and achieve more if I could just get out of my own way.

Shaun’s coaching helped me to see where those blocks in my thinking were. He has a way of asking probing and thought provoking questions that I had never considered myself. His questions and his coaching shattered the glass ceiling I had created for myself.

If you want to unlock new heights and step into new paradigms, Shaun is your coach. You won’t regret it!!!

Shakila Faqeeri

Amicus Consulting


Business owners share their experiences and the results we’ve achieved by working together

Matt Adey
"Shaun's coaching was an eye opener for me as I embarked on my new venture. His invaluable guidance helped me gain clarity and chart a clear path forward."
Matt Adey
Felltop Wellbeing
Anthony Porter
"The coaching I received from Shaun was a game-changer for my business growth. His expert guidance has helped to develop a winning strategy that has significantly expanded my business's success."
Anthony Porter
TrustOn Ltd
Collin Singer testimonial for Shaun West
Working with Shaun really shifted my mindset helping me to see things in a whole new fresh way.
Collin Singer
Wagtail UK Ltd
"It has been a pleasure working with Shaun he has helped to open my mind to new things and given me the confidence to implement new strategies within my business."
Phelim Rowe
International Event Organiser

Security Professionals who have benefited from our collaboration share their feedback

David Harper contributes to Shaun West's testimonials
“Shaun brought clarity to my business and helped transform and elevate it to the next level.”
David Harper
Security Professional
Geoff Clayton
"Thanks to Shaun’s exceptional guidance and expertise, I found clarity and direction where I was heading with my career and managed to secure a successful position."
Geoff Clayton
Security Professional
Jon Moss
"Whenever I have a career conundrum, I ask 'what would Shaun do?' I owe a lot of my success to Shaun's advice and guidance."
Jon Moss
Omni Group Ventures
"I really recommend Shaun if you need an upgrade in your career. I had personal contact with him, his methods and advice are simple but effective. His guidance gave me the opportunity to expand my business and a push to take tough decisions. His expertise in the security Industry makes him a perfect coach for everyone in this field."
Erik K
Security Professional
I genuinely cannot express my gratitude enough for the insights he shared during our session. It's clear that he's not just knowledgeable, but also deeply passionate about what he does.
Annie Lewis
Sales and Marketing Professional
Over ons
In my quest for assistance in growing my business, I came across Shaun West. Shaun's expertise in business management, sales, and the security industry has been immensely beneficial to my development. His helpful nature makes working together very pleasant.
Simon De Vink
Security Professional